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Colour affects more than just our mood; colour has the ability to change our buying habits. You read that right. A simple colour choice can invoke as much as 80% increase in brand recognition which directly links with a consumer’s confidence in a brand. Colours are a form of non-verbal communication, but it speaks a loud message.

Colour instantly sets the mood, conveys emotions, invokes reaction and inspires people to take action. Our minds are programmed to respond to colour, we receive their subliminal messages which shape our thoughts. As humans, we are used to relying on colour for our survival. We stop our cars for red lights and drive on green.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture with recognizable colours may be worth a million, memory-wise. There is a lot of research that proves colour matters and also plays a big role in all our visual experiences.

An intense colour that can summon strong emotions from blood & warfare to love &
passion. Red is used in logo designs to grip the viewer’s attention and has been known to raise one’s blood pressure or make people hungry.

A calming colour that can stir up images of authority, success and security. Most people can say they like at least one shade of blue. The most popular colour in logo design, it can be seen extensively in government, medical and Fortune 500 company logos.

Green represents life and renewal. It is a restful and soothing colour, but can also represent jealousy and inexperience. You can often find it in company logos that are trying to portray themselves as eco-friendly.

Brown indicates nature and utility. Brown is used in logos related to construction and legal due to its simplicity, warmth and neutrality.

Black symbolizes menace or evil, popular as an indicator of power. Found in many logos
for its boldness, simplicity and sophistication.
Think about your audience, how do you want them to perceive or feel when they see your logo? Does that feeling or perception reflect your core brand? Using certain colours is an active way of reaching your target market. You have that power. Drive your message home without using a word!