July 11, 2015

Have intention for your new photos

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a very beautiful lady and her two boys. She approached me because she doesn’t have nice photos of her boys, who are growing up in the blink of an eye. In today’s fast pace it’s easy to overlook the little things like cherished memories. I believe it is important to capture these moments so that you have something to look back on.

Intended use of Photos She also recently moved into a new house and thought it would be a great idea to have canvas prints done. This is where I come in… You can take any photo and have it printed, but there is a difference in quality of print when you compare a snapshot or cell phone photo with a DSLR Camera and a photographer who knows just when to take that perfect photo. You want crisp, clear bright images for canvases. Also when enlarging an image for canvas prints they need to consist of a high resolution DPI 300 to 600 to insure the best quality prints. Most digital cameras and cell phones simply cannot guarantee this kind of quality.

Kids move fast!

If this weekend has taught me anything it’s to just go with it and make sure my camera is ready. Boys especially! They pull faces and run away because it’s fun. Sitting still and smiling for the camera simply isn’t in their nature.

Pretoria is a beautiful place for photography in summer. Winter can be a bit trickier and finding a location that doesn’t make you depressed is not easy. Fortunately the client has a massive back yard with trees and long grass. It set a very nice darker tone for the backdrop and we dressed the boys in darker clothing for the first half of the session which was outside. Once we moved inside we dressed them in bright colors and added some of their favorite toys as a kind of “show and tell” the photographer in order to continue along the lines of very organic, relaxed photographs.

Change it up

Adding outfit changes is a great way to get variety. You don’t want to fill your home with photos of your family that are all themed the same. Also try and imagine what would look good in your home and match your décor. Or speak to your photographer about complementary colors that would work best for your home. Any photographer worth his/her salt knows the importance of understanding color as illustrated in my previous blog post. If you are someone who changes the color scheme of your home on regular bases, Try and go for more neutral organic colors (Earth tones and pastels)

Niccy Joubert

Professional Designer / Photographer